KC Arts Recovery: Need & Plan

The Havoc: The pandemic-caused recession has impacted the arts community significantly. KC Rising’s May 2020 report showed among twenty-four local industries, the arts had the ‘greatest depth of downturn’ and the ‘least strength to recover.’ Two Artist INC surveys conducted in March and May of 2020 demonstrated the severity, with 645 artists participating across the

Join us Thursday 3/25, 12– 1pm on Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/Goguildit/live/ or on Zoom /// Meeting ID: 891 4729 4091 /// Passcode: 142933 /// https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89147294091?pwd=QzllbTBxTGVDV0Y3NGdqY2Fxb0xRZz09 Let’s brainstorm on art recovery with City In Motion Dance on reestablishing its 35-year old nonprofit school plua youth and professional companies after the pandemic. They will share their socially-distanced and