Join us Thursday 4/22, 12– 1pm on Facebook Live or on Zoom: Join Zoom Let’s brainstorm with Kimberly Beer. She will talk on ‘Determining Your Value Proposition as an Artist’…You want to be a successful business owner BUT, whenever you’re at a class or workshop you feel left out because all the other businesses in

Sharon Rodriguez & Camilo Estremadoiro present their art/biz on 9/27, 12-1pm at the Kemper. Photographer Sharon Rodriguez, and now advocate, has worked with and published books on the Johnson County homeless. Her goal is to show the faces and tell the stories of real people in real situations in our surroundings. She has shown at

Nick Vedros, Talks on 12/8 @ ArtsBar

Nick Vedros has been recognized by Archive magazine as one of the Top 200 Advertising Photographers in the world. He was one of the original global Canon Explorers of Light photographers and speakers. He was chosen by Eastman Kodak and Apple to lecture. Nick is the founding President of the Midwest chapter of ASMP. He

Aaron Lindberg, Talks on 12/8 @ ArtsBar

Aaron Lindberg is a up-n-coming  photographer with a background in editorial and over 15 years of experience. He started Aaron Lindberg Photography in 2008 to focus on his love of capturing people as characters and works with clients across the country including Google, Cerner, JE Dunn, and Walmart. Aaron’s forte is portraying people as characters

Adam Finkelston is a photographer, publisher, curator and educator. He is co-editor of ‘The HAND Magazine’ that is innovative and experimental in uses of reproduction-based media. Along with being a quarterly publication Adam has co-curated ‘The HAND’s gallery exhibits and sells limited edition prints from The HAND’s website. Personally Adam has shown his artwork in