Join us on the fourth Thur. March 23, 12– 1 pm, for an interactive art/biz forum at Weinberger Fine Art, 114 Southwest Blvd, KCMO; or Facebook Live  Madeline Brice has published and exhibited art nationally, most recently in Port Chester, NY. This year she’ll be doing a residency in Spain as a recipient of the Lighton International Exchange

Join us Thurs. 8/25, 12-1pm, on Zoom  meeting ID: 838 4530 1098 or Facebook Live Get Creative with Social Media … How do you define your product? Do you know your target market? Where do you promote and sell your products? Strategies all work together. The best marketing tool is the 1 that

Curtis Smith Art/Biz Talk @ MET, 10/28

Join us on the fourth Thur. Oct. 28, 12– 1 pm, in-person @ MET/Warwick Theatre, 3927 Main St; Kansas City, MO or Facebook Live: Curtis Smith has been acting and doing voice work for 20 years. This talented artist will present their biz followed by an inspiring Q&A. Curtis has played over 15 leading roles and a number

Join us Thursday 4/22, 12– 1pm on Facebook Live or on Zoom: Join Zoom Let’s brainstorm with Kimberly Beer. She will talk on ‘Determining Your Value Proposition as an Artist’…You want to be a successful business owner BUT, whenever you’re at a class or workshop you feel left out because all the other businesses in

Facebook Marketing Workshop

Introducing GUILDit’s new online workshops to help diversify art & biz. Learn how to use Facebook Marketing best practices and features to get the most from your posts, events, videos,…. Tips to technical aspects will be covered. View and download the PDF presentation and below is a video of the workshop. Expert Bio: Natasha Ria

Facebook Live Streaming for Artists

Introducing our new online workshops to help diversify art & biz. Facebook Live Streaming with Amy Bagnall and GUILDit. Learn how to use Facebook’s Live features and share best practices for organizations and artists. We will cover technical to marketing aspects. Expert Bio: Amy Bagnall of Rattlebox Marketing has clients that span a wide range

Introducing our new online workshops to help diversify art & biz. View the video workshop below. Learn how to diversify your business, take it online, and ways to market it. Discover what can be scalable and generate continuous revenue. Find out what Kansas City area artists are doing to diversify and earn. National marketing speaker

Join other entrepreneurs for an insightful and prosperous speed networking event. Expand your contacts, share resources, build upon goals, and possibly collaborate, after chatting 1-on-1 for a few minutes with other creatives, artists, photographers, writers,… – When: Tuesday, April 16 at 6:30 – 8 PM – Where: InterUrban ArtHouse; 8001 Newton St, Overland Park, KS 66204

GUILDit Propels Art Businesses

KC’s lil biz forum for artists and patrons has hit its mark and then some. Check out our great Info Graph. Thanks to the Ewing Kauffman Foundation for helping us develop our survey tools and to our presenters and patrons for their input! Some Survey Highlights: 85% of GUILDit presenters are able to better address business Challenges 77% of

Pete Dulin presents at Kauffman, 8/20

Pete Dulin is the self-published author of the books, ‘KC Ale Trail’ and ‘Last Bite: 100 Recipes from KC’s Best Chefs and Cooks’. With both projects, he was in the rare author position of working as the writer, editor, print production coordinator, promoter, seller and back-end administrator. For ‘Last Bite’ he sold the target number