View the inspiring workshop video and slides below this description. Studies have shown artists have been hit the hardest by the covid recession, for in addition to social distancing and quarantine, they have lost their outlet of expression and significant income. Let’s chat with Coach and Artist Codie Lea plus Coach and Designer Linda Mordan,

Facebook Marketing Workshop

Introducing GUILDit’s new online workshops to help diversify art & biz. Learn how to use Facebook Marketing best practices and features to get the most from your posts, events, videos,…. Tips to technical aspects will be covered. View and download the PDF presentation and below is a video of the workshop. Expert Bio: Natasha Ria

Facebook Live Streaming for Artists

Introducing our new online workshops to help diversify art & biz. Facebook Live Streaming with Amy Bagnall and GUILDit. Learn how to use Facebook’s Live features and share best practices for organizations and artists. We will cover technical to marketing aspects. Expert Bio: Amy Bagnall of Rattlebox Marketing has clients that span a wide range

Lick Champagne!?

We shared with you ‘GUILDIt Successes’ and ‘Why Guild It KC?’, now we’d like to share the GUILDit cheer! Have your friends ‘lick champagne’ – no no no, well actually yes – and also have them join our ‘LIKE CAMPAIGN’: Just go to: And like us Then share our page with a friend You can