Join GUILDit Art/Biz Forum from 12-1pm, on the 4th Thurs. of April 25th, at the Kemper Museum for …. AY Young of ‘AY-MusiK‘ founded the Battery Tour, which is a social music movement that integrates the audience in performances. The tour uses the universal language of music and dance as a vehicle to build a

Performers Singleton, Handy & Marcel

Join GUILDit from 12-1pm, on the 4th Thursday of Feb. 28th, at the Kemper Museum for …. James “SugEasy” Singleton is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, artist, and advocate for the positivity represented by true Hip Hop Culture. By elementary school, he began winning Hip Hop competitions and has competed locally and nationally ever since. James

Theodore “Priest” Hughes is known throughout KC as a wise sage who writes passionate political and pastoral poetry that blazes the stage. His love of children, poetry and self-education has evolved him into a non-traditional arts educator. A political and poetic visionary, Priest is a founding member of The Black Poets Collective and co-creator of

Why Guild It KC?!

GUILDit, a forum where artists talk about growing their business, has made its mark in KC. GUILDit Fits Into What Is Happening, In…     – KC Art: Which has been rated #1 in the highest percentage of visual artists per capita Was #3 in the concentration of professional theaters in 2015     –

Call For Artists

KC GUILDit is an artist group, where you do a 7 minute pitch on your art biz, then get brainstorming and custom biz advice from other artists and leaders. This forum helps you tackle challenges, build on your successes and grow your biz. Past presenters: Hugh Merrill, Molly Hammer, Christen Hankel, Steven Fuller, Sike Style,…. Learn

Fringe Triple Take

Get ready for the KC Fringe Festival July 16-26, with GUILDit’s Triple Take on the Fringe. We’ll highlight Fringe artists and the Fringe organizers. 1) On June 18th  Christian Hankel talks about ‘Silver: A Noir Ballet‘ for which he wrote 11 original Jazz pieces. Plus, more on Christian’s 20-year career as a KC artist. 2) On July 2nd Fringe Festival

GUILDit At A Glimpse

Written by Abby Tillmany of Startland News, A New Platform For Art Entrepreneurs Offers Visibility Connections A new program to promote and support art entrepreneurship is coming to Kansas City. GUILDit is a bi-monthly gathering where art entrepreneurs take the stage to give six-minute presentations followed by questions and answers in the hopes of crafting a stronger Kansas

GUILDit Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 5, 2015 Contact:  Susana Bruhn, Founder New program explores where arts and entrepreneurship intersect (Kansas City, Mo.) – GUILDit, an opportunity for the Kansas City arts community to refine their art and business models, share their successes, increase their networks and build a stronger art economy has launched in Kansas

GUILDit Launches

For Immediate Release: May 9, 2015 Contact:  Susana Bruhn, GUILDit Founder, Connect Form GuildIt offers visibility and connections to Kansas City Art Entrepreneurs Inaugural event is Thursday, May 21, at the Kauffman Foundation (Kansas City MO) – On Thursday, May 21, at noon GuildIt will launch a bi-monthly series of programs for Art Entrepreneurs in Kansas