News: ‘The Economy of Art’

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Building a stronger creative economy in Kansas City, an interview with Susana Bruhn, founder of GUILDit – by Susan Melgren of Kansas City Spaces

When you see a performance or a piece of art, do you ever think about the business aspect of that work? We are drawn to art because it makes a connection on an  emotional level. But for the artist behind the work, there’s often more than that. Art channels passion – and businesses has the mean to fuel the art. But how to get there? How can an artist successfully turn their passion into a living? How can they grow the businesses they already have? For GUILDit art is just as much about economy and entrepreneurship, as it is about, well art. Launched in May 2015, this Kansas City-based organization holds… see pdf to read more: kc_spaces_guildit_article_2016