Christian Hankel Talks On Silver: A Noir Ballet, Presents 6/18/15

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Christian Hankel will talk on “Silver: A Noir Ballet” which he solely composed, arranged and produced. The ballet features live jazz musicians and a singer, as well as dancers. Silver is his most ambitious work to date in a career that spans 20 years. Christian started out as a creator and performer of original music in various bands. He successfully transition into roles of scriptwriter, composer, and producer with 2 previous theatre productions.  Christian will highlight some of his stumbling blocks as well as successful social media strategies including raising $1000 more than his Kickstarter goal. Christian Hankel    Silver: A Noir Ballet

He is the first of GUILDit’s Fringe Triple Takes, where we will showcase 3 Fringe artists and organizers over our next 3 meetings, leading up to the Fringe Festival on July 16-26th.