Band of Angels talk by Mike Meyer, Presents 6/4/15

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Mike, of Meyer Music, Will discuss the charity he founded in partnership with Fox 4 TV called Band of Angels. Band of Angels mission is to help children in need find music through the generosity of others.  Band of Angels collects used music instruments and connects them in students in financial need so they can participate in beginning band and orchestra programs.  Filling this need, Band of Angels has grown very rapidly and in only four and a half years has collected over 1750 music instruments and given out close to 1000 kids in need.

Mike will fill us in on the journey of starting a charity, lessons learned, and how to keep up when doing good in the community presents its challenges by growing quicker than you think its going to. Mike is a part owner of the 49 year family owned business Meyer Music which has three retail music stores in the Kansas City area. Band of Angels was a 1 Million Cups presenter.