GUILDit spurs Kansas City artists and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create communities around best business practices in the way of forums, panels, lectures and alike programming. These communities connect artists, entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, patrons, resources and tools. Our vision is an ever growing Kansas City economy and culture.

GUILDit engages, educates, and empowers art entrepreneurialism.

Our Story, Successes & Stats

We launched May 21st, 2015 with a small group of dedicated volunteers and leaders. Much appreciated is the guidance given to us from KC art leaders and other organizations, primarily the Kauffman Foundation, Chameleon Arts, ArtsKC, and InterUrban ArtHouse.

KC Art/Biz/GUILDit Facts

A 2 minute video Celebrating 5 years of GUILDit! 

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GUILDit’s Stats Sheet:  2016-2017 //  2015      GuildIt Diversity Statement

5 Fast Stats:
    • 85% of GUILDit presenters are able to better address business challenges
    • 52% of GUILDit presenters are diverse in their ethnicity, religion, and sexual preference
    • 49% of our presenters are women
    • 3 top reasons why people attend GUILDit: 1) to learn from other entrepreneurs; 2) to learn about the KC art scene; plus 3) to connect and network.
  • 3 revenue builders we facilitated: 1) Calvin Arsenia teaching music workshops for the KCMO Library 2) Dancer Maura Garcia receiving a grant from JCCC. 3) Artist Robin VanHoozer representation by Weinberger Gallery.

Success Stories

  • As a result of her GuildIt presentation, celebrating Native American month, Dancer and Choreographer Maura G. has received over $22,000+ in grants because of GUILDit.  Maura has since sharing ed her gifts with the community
  • Poet Sheri H. got a recurring paying gig offer, an agent referral for a new line of revenue (voice-over work) and encouragement to apply for residency programs so as to write her first book for a publishing house.
  • Robyn V. received encouragement to charge more for her amazing wax paintings and make a marketing video of her involving process, which requires a blow-torch. Plus, she is now being represented by Weinberger Fine Art because of GUILDit.

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