Miguel Rivera, Talks 9/8 @ Arts Bar

KCAI Professor and Printmaking Chair Miguel Rivera’s work combines abstract expressionism and graphic design representation. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Japan and the United States. Rivera also has traveled to give lectures and workshops, plus attended residence programs. In his work he reconstructs, examines, and reinvents memories using personal icons

Israel Alejandro García García is a painter, sculptor, photographer, designer, and curator. He is a fellow of AtistINC, Juror of Charlotte Street Studio Residency, Guest Curator for Charlotte Street, and Juror of Arts in the Loop. His art interprets childhood memories and his everyday life to create site-specific installations. García is a native of Mexico,

By: Startland News – Meghan LeVota, reporter–   August 12, 2016 If good entrepreneurs are money-motivated, great ones know that it’s going to take more than that to be successful. In contrast, artists oftentimes develop a “love-hate relationship” with money. As anyone who has seen a “starving artists” moving van can attest, an artist’s passion doesn’t

David Basse, Talks 8/25 @ Kemper

The Kansas City Star called David Basse, “The voice of Kansas City”. And following David’s performance, poet Maya Angelou exclaimed, “I love the soul that is your voice”. His career lunged in the 80’s with a five-night gig for seven years. In the 90s he worked in L.A., which led to producing a Grammy nominated

Jessica Paige, Talks 8/25 @ Kemper

Singer and songwriter Jessica Paige is a KC music gem that the nation is discovering. She made her national debut on American Idol’s Hollywood competition.Jessica developed those national connections to put together her first album “Sweet Nothings” with an amazing set of talented Nashville-based artists and producers. Locally she has appeared at the Uptown Theatre