2016 Top Ten KC GUILDit Happenings

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KC’s lil biz forum for artists and patrons has a lot to be thankful for. From growing the businesses of local artists to growing our grassroots organization.

  1. Painter Robyn VanHoozer is now being represented by Weinberger Fine Art because of GUILDit.
  2. Sculpture Dylan Mortimer was offered free social media by GUILDit alum Steven Fuller, who owns Fuller Creative.
  3. Musician Calvin Scott got an offer to do workshops at the KC Public Library during GUILDit’s networking session. Plus, he was given a resource for accounting needs.
  4. Choreographers Garry Abbot & Jane Gotch discovered and were connected to a new grant opportunity and performance outlet.
  5. Poet Sheri Hall took all the great offers, referrals, and resources following her forum presentation to finally make the leap to a full-time artist and freelancer, leaving the 9-5 job, to write her first book produced by a publishing house, as well as pursue other creative activity.
  6. Hosting international illustrators Mark English and Sterling Hundley at the KC Public Library with 200 attending.
  7. GUILDit received grants from the Kauffman Foundation, ArtsKC, and the Francis Family Foundation
  8. We put together a fantastic board to help build GUILDit’s future.
  9. The dedicated GUILDit team of Christian Hankel, Luis Garcia, Ebony Johnson, Sebastian Smith, SusanaB, Hugh Merrill and Paul Tyler.
  10. The many happenings that just happen when you get together a forum of talented artists, plus art and business enthusiasts.

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To read more about GUILDit: Spaces Magazine the ‘The Economy of Art‘   and Startland News ‘GUILDit feeds starving artists with tools to monetize their crafts