2015 Top Ten GUILDit Happenings

KC’s lil biz forum for artists has a lot to be thankful for. Since we launched in May, we’ve had some great happenings: As a result of her GuildIt presentation, celebrating Native American month, Dancer and Choreographer Maura G. was approached by JCCC Education Outreach Department. They offered to write a grant on her behalf

GUILDit back 1/21 – Happy Holidays!

We’ll be back 1/21 with 2 spectacular visual artists. Enjoy your holidays!

Call For Artists

KC GUILDit is an artist group, where you do a 7 minute pitch on your art biz, then get brainstorming and custom biz advice from other artists and leaders. This forum helps you tackle challenges, build on your successes and grow your biz. Past presenters: Hugh Merrill, Molly Hammer, Christen Hankel, Steven Fuller, Sike Style,…. Learn

KC musician, songwriter, scriptwriter, composer and producer Christian Hankel tells his story @ GUILDit. Be inspired and learn from his successes and challenges. There are more talks like this @ GUILDit, every 1st & 3rd Thursday, noon-1pm at the Kauffman Foundation. Each talk is followed by 20 minutes of brainstorming to make art businesses even

A ‘rockin’ GUILDit presentation

See the 7-minute presentation and 20 minutes of brainstorming from KCAI professor Kim E-M’s talk. She presents all her revenue streams, successes and challenges, then the audience helps fine-tune those ideas and provides resources to grow her art & biz. See musician and composer Christian Hankel’s 7-minuteGUILDit video: http://www.guildit.org/kc-artist-20-year-career-in-a-short-guildit-film/ Like GUILDit on Facebook, to support us