Performer Vi Tran, Presents 12/3

Vi Tran is an actor, writer, producer, arts advocate, bandleader of the Vi Tran Band, and the owner/curator of The Buffalo Room artists’ salon. Born in Vietnam and raised in southwestern Kansas, Tran captures his family’s journey in ‘The Butcher’s Son’, a musical performance chronicling his family’s escape from Vietnam and resettlement in America. He and

Performer Annie Cherry, Presents 12/3

Annie is a performing artist, specializing in atmospheric immersive theatrical experiences. She is a producer, Mistress of Ceremonies, comedy writer for hire, an ‘adults only’ clown, and an award-winning nationally known burlesque performer. Annie thrives on collaboration and has taken acts to Coney Island, New York. Usually, she can be found in her hometown of

Meagan works both acting in front of the camera and working behind producing and directing. As an actress, Meagan can be seen questioning George Clooney as the flight attendant in the Oscar-nominated “Up in the Air”. She has also appeared in independent films including “Last Breath”. Meagan is an award-winning producer for the nationally recognized

The multi-talented Mikal Shapiro is a filmmaker, musician and visual artist. She was schooled in filmmaking and has the credentials to show it, which include a number of KC Film Fest awards and a Chicago CIMM Fest award for ‘Two Sisters’. Though lately you will find Mikal hosting KKFI’s River Trade Radio show, crafting her