New Addition: Jim McCullough of IgnitionFX has a new sci-fi thriller ‘Paradox City’ which has received awards from Digitalmation and Los Angeles’ CineFest, to name a few. His past award winning films include ‘In Captivity’ and ‘Aliens Wonderland’. Commercially he just completed visual effects for the latest Ariana Grande music video and worked on an

Filmmaker Gary Jenkins, Presents 9/3

Gary Jenkins is the creator of documentary films on such subjects as the Western Underground Railroad and the Kansas City Mob. He is a self-financed, published and promoted filmmaker. In his most profitable film, Gangland Wire he features crime fighters and criminals from the mob wars. Gary has made this film successful by connecting with

Adam Finkelston is a photographer, publisher, curator and educator. He is co-editor of ‘The HAND Magazine’ that is innovative and experimental in uses of reproduction-based media. Along with being a quarterly publication Adam has co-curated ‘The HAND’s gallery exhibits and sells limited edition prints from The HAND’s website. Personally Adam has shown his artwork in

Pete Dulin presents at Kauffman, 8/20

Pete Dulin is the self-published author of the books, ‘KC Ale Trail’ and ‘Last Bite: 100 Recipes from KC’s Best Chefs and Cooks’. With both projects, he was in the rare author position of working as the writer, editor, print production coordinator, promoter, seller and back-end administrator. For ‘Last Bite’ he sold the target number